The Grief Circle for Gracie, Sesame, Pippin, Abbey, Skyy and Moose

Several wonderful women and I held a grief circle to honor our Beloveds that have passed . I made an altar with photos, flowers and candles. We listened to a few beautiful songs,  We had a 5 minute silent meditation to focus on connecting with our beloveds, and then one at a time, we  shared   We all held a sacred space for each of us to cry, express grief and sadness, as well as celebrate the miraculous love we have for our beloveds.  Then we did a red circle grief ritual, lead by Ruth.  It was a tying  and connecting together of red yarn in solidarity of our expressed grief.

I am profoundly moved by these amazing women, who have the courage and strength to bare our broken hearts.  Thank you for this precious gift of connectedness.