Old Man going strong

My boy, Benjamin is healing well from his partial ACL tear.  I cut back on his exercise,  carried him up all stairs with a sling, help him in and out of the car, and took lots of breaks with him- and the tear is healing without surgery!  Vets will tell you this only works in smaller dogs, but there is a large internet support group that believes otherwise.  I got a lot of support from them.  When this first happened, I was beside myself.  My heart was wracked with worry and anxiety about how this could all turn out okay.  Benjamin ws not weight bearing on that back leg and I live in the hills!

But we did it, we are a great team.  He adjusted to the new routine beautifully.  That’s the sweetness of a dog-  all they need is love and connection- and they can adjust to change just fine.  It’s us humans that go kicking and screaming when something is different.

Benjamin still has a body wracked with arthritis, and there are days when I have a good cry on our walks- because I imagine he must be in pain.  But my boy just lives in his body with such dignity-  He stands tall, walks proud..and whenever he needs to stop and take a break- he does.  he listens to his body and never fights against reality.  I am humbled by watching him.  He might be in pain, but he loves to breathe the bay air fully, loves to greet each and every dog he passes, and loves to come over and nudge me for kisses.  He loves life and does not let pain dictate his days.

Benjamin goes twice weekly to Hydrotherapy.  This is a big tub filled with warm water  with an underwater treadmill.  It builds endurance, provides relief for his joints, and builds muscle mass.  He loves it!  He is like a little soldier marching along, with a job to do.  Here is a picture.000_0098

Writer’s Block

I haven’t been posting simply because I haven’t been inspired.  I have been dealing with Benjamin’s injury and my search for an apartment to get me back to Berkeley.  With these stresses, I just have had a block.  My mind gets fixated on the tasks at hand, and I turn inward and away from sharing.  I feel like I am opening up a bit now.

Benjamin is  making good progress.  He isn’t fully weight bearing on his back left leg- but he is definetly walking on it and seems way more comfortable than 4 weeks ago.  The first several weeks sucked-  he didn’t understand why he couldn’t go with me on the evening walk.  He had to lay around all day and all night with only short pee and poop breaks.  I have spent tons of m0ney on raw bones for him to chew on.  I have spent hours massaging and brushing him.  I hired an expert to come over and do massage and acupressure.  I even talked to an animal communicator.

Benjamin getting acupressure

I notice that when something happens that  is stressful in my life- I immediately need to figure out how to fix it. To make it right again. I go into action mode.  This can be a good thing-  because sometimes you can repair life’s broken paths…and then sometimes you can’t fully fix it.  I realized this morning- that even if my boy’s leg is repaired- that he still be the old man that has arthritis everywhere.  I can do everything possible to make him comfortable and happy- but I can’t give him a young boy’s body. and here comes that hard to swallow word-  Acceptance…acceptance of What Is.  I always come back to this humble place.  My heart yearns for the ability to accept what is.  I know if I can reach this place-  I will know what inner peace truly feels like