Benjamin will always be my protector

I moved into my new Berkeley apartment and have all kinds of workers over- the Dish guy, the handyman, the landlord- and every single time they come to the door- the girls stay passed out in their beds and old man Benjamin gets up and fiercely barks and comes to the door.  His body is creeky and slow, but his intention is strong-  he still has his purpose – protect the pack at all costs.  He’ll do it till the day he dies I have no doubt.  he will alert me and keep me safe.  It’s a Rottweiler thing- bred for herding and guarding the flock.  I am the Shepherd and he is the guard.

We’ve been adjusting to the move quite easily.  I downsized-  went from buying my first home 1 1/2 yrs. ago in Richmond and realizing the American dream wasn’t for me.  Long story- that’s another blog.  I feel like I am back in my 20’s again- with a cute little funky apartment crammed with dog beds and art.

For the first few days, the dogs followed me everywhere and watched my every move.  Moves must be jarring to them on some level.  They just want to make sure they are going wherever I am.  Have no doubt pups, I am never leaving your side.

Just heard another grumble and small roar because the cable guy is making his way up the walkway.  Benjamin man is called to duty once again and I am honored to have him as my protector.