A Rare Love

My grandparents died many many years ago. My childhood dog, Shep died when I was 16. My first dog as an adult- Coda, my beloved lab Pit mix, died when I was 32.  All of these deaths hurt and I grieved hard…and then Benjamin came into my life and my heart became a devotional mechanism that knew no bounds to the depth of love I experienced for him.

This kind of Love, I believe, is a rare occurence.  Some people never experience it and that is tragic.  I don’t need to ever have it again- with a human or animal- the gifts it gave me are forever imprinted in my soul.  To be able to have a love that grows deeper and deeper with each moment is magical. To be able to look into his eyes and see the eyes of God – where Time stands still-put me in touch with the God in me.  I could look into his face for hours and find new things to marvel at.  We were in love.  Does that sound weird?  In love to me does not mean a romantic temporary feeling. In Love means being touched so deeply by someone that your Highest Self is revealed through the connection.  Benjamin made me a better woman. Benjamin revealed my Wholeness when I doubted my worth.  Benjamin reminded daily that All is Well when Love is the guiding force.

2011 is coming and going.  2011 I lost my soul mate.  2011- Benjamin returned to that from which he came from- the Loving Source of all Beings. There are no words big enough to express my deepest gratitude to him for showing me with such grace- that Unconditional Abiding Love is my birthright…and this is so for every living being.