A Good Friend of Benjamin’s passed on today

Bean was one of my original foster girls.  I rescued her 10 years ago and she came right home and Benjamin became her number one support.  He showed her the way and helped calm and guide  her newly reborn spirit.  Wherever he laid down, she would immediately go lay right next to him.

Bean stayed with us for 7 months and I questioned if I could let her go.  She became part of my pack .  She was a little piggy –  stout, comical, and full of love.

Then one day, we met the Benson family in Rockridge. Bean got out of my truck and was chasing a squirrel up and down a quiet street.  Mary Alice walked by and asked who she was.  I told her she was my foster girl….Mary Alice and her wonderful family  ( husband and 2 young girls) had never had a family dog….but within a week or so-Bean went home to become girl #3.  It was MEANT TO BE.  Bean adored her family and oh- how they adored her…She opened up their world, I think.  They had never had any experience with a Pit bull type dog  ( she was a Staffie)- and Bean showed them the magical unconditional love and devotion this breed is known for.

I walked Bean for years in my pack walks.  She was always so happy to see her best friend,Benjamin.  She would see my truck coming from her front door and she would know her time was here- to be reunited with her pack friends and to go on  many wonderful adventures.

My beloved Benjamin passed away one year ago ,yesterday- March 11, 2011.  Bean left this earth March 12, 2012…the timing speaks volumes to me-  she was ready to join her best friend,Benjamin and this time beckoned her to him and back to God.

The Benson Family and I are mourning greatly tonight.  Death changes us in ways we can never know until it happens directly to us.  The heartbreak of  separation to those we cherish the most can send us into a deeper awareness of God and the Mysteries of Life.

Bean and Benjamin taught those closest to them- that God shows up in many forms- and a Dogs Love can exemplify Heaven on Earth. I choose to believe with all my heart that We will see our Beloveds again and never be parted from this Pure Love.

Until We Meet Again, Bean and Benjamin- watch over us.  We love you always.  Kathy and The Benson Family