My Abbey, it’s been six months

Loss of a Beloved is Like nothing else in life. It’s been six months or so since my little ray of light left this earth – and I’m  still brought to my knees every time I look at a photo of her.
I can only probably think of her about five minutes a day and then my heart breaks and I push the grief away.
Where is she? Where did she go? Is she safe? Is she with my other children? Is she at peace? Is she free? Does she see and feel me?.

The biggest thing I think about is how much I don’t want her to come back in another body on this planet. I find this planet quite excruciatingly painful with its myriad of challenges. I’m really hoping that she stays in that blissful unconditional love and presence plane that I know she is abiding in . It’s a crazy thought because I have no control over her soul. I just want her to never feel pain, loss, worry if I am not physically there to be her mama.

These are the things I ponder alone at night. All of my beautiful beautiful Beloveds that are no longer with me. I pray with every ounce of my being that they are for ever free and safe in God’s loving embrace. Until we meet again