A dinner with a colleague who is just starting out

I wrote this  blog right after all if she  left because I truly feel that I wanted to impart this  because you are such a beautiful strong woman and I don’t want you to become bitter  with clients that drain Your life force ,when there is another way.
I learned this very late but in the last 10 years it has made a difference. And I’m sorry if I bitched with you along the way and gave you the impression that strength was the only way to go when an open heart is just as important
The balance of an open heart with boundaries – it is very hard to navigate but ultimately it is the way to a richer career and ultimately a richer inner  life.

Being boundaried  and strong while having a soft heart

-Don’t make business decisions based on frustration anger or resentment
-Don’t categorize all clients as difficult. Listen and see yourself in them first
-Relegate other lesser  tasks to employees so that you can be there fully present and less frustrated for your clients for the most important conversations, training and attention
-If you are overworked – recognize this right away and hirer helpers so you don’t take out your fatigue and anxiety on your clients
-Let go of clients that are truly challenging and will never be satisfied. Hold onto those that just need coaching and understanding, and inspire those that inspire you!
-remember you were a client once !

Remember that this life journey is about softening and opening and learning and that boundaries are necessary yet  having a soft open heart doesn’t mean that boundaries should make you closed and restricted.

Boundaries don’t define you. They just give instruction and clarity to others. Your open heart and your open mind will ultimately be your legacy❤🙏