Guide your dog, Guide yourself.

I have shifted gears to Facebook these last several months.  I have a great Training Site under the Group Cause and Effect Dog Training. I’d love to stay connected to all former and present training clients that way, and anyone is invited who wants to have support with guiding their dog.

photo I love what I do and believe whole heartedly that you can guide your dog out of anxiety, fear, stress and insecurity. You are the key here.  He is waiting for your clear and calm direction.  He knows you have it in you.  The deepest transformation of your dog comes from you seeking the healing and answers inside yourself. I am just here to help support and navigate along the way.  I am here because I understand where you are.  I know your worries, your fear, and your self judgements. I have had them all.  I can help you see through your tangled web of stressful thoughts so that you can learn how to guide your precious dog, and through this process, you may learn how to love and guide your own precious self.