Zen Warrior Leash Handling

There are so many parts two strong leader ship. One that is hard to master and grasp is strong clear Leash communication. It’s not just similar to how horses need to be communicated with through their reins
Think about it in terms of clear lines and angles. Nothing is messy. The way you hold the leash. The way you stand. The way you move. It is all done with clear lines.
That’s why I spend so much time on how one hold the leash because if it’s messy and garbled – that translates down to your dog and how your dog hears your communication to him
That’s why we must always practice in a no/low distraction setting first. We must become fluent on the leash when we are not triggered and when the dog is not triggered and then we slowly move up to the trigger environments. That can take months even years to master. It’s like being a Zen warrior walking through a war zone.
You are unaffected by your environment and in tune with the being beside you. You are able to clearly talk with dog through streamlined leash communication.
Actually it’s not so different than how we should walk through life – present in each moment, internal and not external. Observation. Discernment responding rather than reacting
Ninja Zen warrior leash handling. Let’s all strive to attain that enlightenment🙏