Present moment leash communication

Training has always been about becoming so present with the dog that communication comes through me, the very deepest part of me.When I ask to take the leash from the owner- The energy transmuted from the dog to me and then back to the dog is exactly how I learn what he needs. This is not some existential magical anomaly. It happens to all of us when we are fully in tune with a task, our gift, a hobby, a devotion. We become so aware and at one with what is in front of us that “no how to “ book is necessary. All of the knowledge exists from the energy between us.This is not meant to sound woo hoo spiritual. It is simply what happens when we get so quiet in our minds that knowledge and wisdom is revealed to us without thinking.It is so so hard to teach any of my clients this. It actually must be directly experienced. We are often so caught up in fixing a problem that we lose the most precious gift of awakened connection , through paying attention without an agenda.