All the things I loved about my Beloved Lucille

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Her bulldog bark

Her Howl

Her soft fur

how excited she was to see a treat

her round belly

her undeniable determination to continue to be Alpha

her love of Benjamin

her quiet connection with Madeline

her love of kissing me

her endless kisses

when she was in bliss- the way her teeth would chatter.

when she was in bliss- how she would roll on the bed and stretch out her legs and moan.  ( she did this the last few days )

the way she demanded her food with barking

the way she hated the OYS word and would stop what she was doing when she heard it

her face

how she loved her wagon

her snoring

how she loved to chase my truck and would get so excited when I told her it was coming  :” gonna chase the truckie”

how she bulldozed into other dogs when they were playing

how she chewed on balls in bliss

her big paws

how she would look up at me when I was sitting next to her and kiss me

her soft ears

how she loved other dominant dogs- boys and girls

how she had to mark on others’ spots- even in her wheelchair

her amazing grit to keep walking even when she was tired

her stubbornness

her love of her boyfriends- Ty, Jasper, Charlie

the joyful noises she would make when she was on her bed rubbing her face. even at the end

the morning howl with Benjamin

how she would talk back to Benjamin when he had the ball

how peaceful she looked when she slept

how tolerant she became of all the stuff I had to do with her

how she guarded the food from the others even when she could not stand up anymore

how everyone knew her in the hood.  how she was an inspiration to so many. so many people calling out to her

Go  Lucille!

The way she would bark at dogs only in her chair or wagon

Her jowls, especially under her mouth

Her big head

How cute her paws looked in her booties

How everyone knew Lucille in the hood. Everyone was rooting for her

How she helped change people’s perceptions of Bullies

How she was choosey in who she really loved

How she wanted to mark over everyone

How she would like Patrick for a moment- sniffing her, then change her mind and growl at him

How she barked for her dinner all the time

How she barked at Madeline when she was too close to her bed

How she liked to sun herself

Her stubbornness was BIG

Her face. The white side was gentle

Her stubby teeth

The day on the beach with the wheels and how she ran for the first time in so long with such glee

How the pranced when she flirted with the dominant dogs

Her extreme stubbornness

Her Love of food

How she had to have the last word with me with her snap at the end

Her massive Bulldog presence

How she truly loved me

How her ears would go submissive when she first looked at me


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