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Lassen and Ryu

My husband and I have a 3.5 year old cattle dog mix named Ryu. When our wonderful (though wildly energetic) and loving pup turned two he began to have aggression issues with other dogs, seemingly out of the blue.

We struggled on our own for over a year, taking him to the dog park less and less until he was almost completely isolated from other dogs. We realized then that we needed some help and found Kathy. She was great from the beginning. She met with us and our dog and took the time to really evaluate him and us. There was no cookie-cutter approach. She has clear methods, but she carefully tailored them to our situation and our dog. She was always patient with our questions, and has continued to be a source of support even now that we are done with our scheduled sessions.

Ryu now gets to be around other dogs almost daily at the dog park and while we're still working and improving, he is a very changed, much more relaxed and happy dog. And we are much more relaxed and happy people!




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