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Rommel and Shelby

Beth Peterson is an outstanding dog trainer. She worked with our 3-year-old English Bull Terrier approximately 6 hours a week for two months and we experienced amazing results.

My husband and I needed help gaining respect and control over our dog. Although he was not overly aggressive, certain situations caused him to become anxious and, in turn, snap. We had a new baby in the home and needed to create a completely safe environment.

Kathy trained the dog inside and outside of the home. Inside the home, she taught us specific tools to help with dominance issues. We worked on developing a healthy relationship with the baby and the importance of "family (pack) order". We also addressed the issues that made him anxious inside the home, such as the unfamiliar squeaking of baby toys or loud crying.

Outside the home, that had one on one time with the dog. She worked on developing his command skills and reaction times. He became advanced in numerous commands such as "sit,, down, heel, wait, and relax". In addition to training in the park, she also took the dog to noisy, crowded areas to practice overcoming his outdoor anxieties, such as loud laughter or kids on skateboards.

I feel the time we had with Beth was very valuable. We learned a lot in a short amount of time. In the past, we gave our dog a lot of freedom and very little guidance. That's taught us the importance of teaching discipline on a daily basis and how rewarding it could be. Our dog is now calm and very relaxed. He shows us respect that that we did not have before.

In addition to being a wonderful trainer, that was also very courteous, professional and motivating. I highly recommend using her services for whatever issues you may have.

Shelby Hindman


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