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Ryan, Jenn and Rocco

We did twelve 1-hr sessions with Shannon and Kathy over five or so months. Rocco (our seven-year-old American Bulldog) was extremely reactive, anxious, and dog aggressive. For years, we would avoid other dogs and try to manage Rocco's constant anxiety but end up frustrated. We tried various trainers and obedience classes, but nothing helped.

Once we began training with Shannon, we saw immediate changes. Rocco grew more calm, responsive, and focused. After years of aggression, he slowly built up enough confidence to begin interacting with other dogs. We had to grow used to the extra time required to walk him, but it was a worthy investment we grew to enjoy.

Our final sessions with Kathy completed Rocco's transformation - her patience and experience reinforced the positive changes in Rocco. We went from fear and avoidance to confidence and stability, watching Rocco happily greet other dogs at crowded dog parks and in our neighborhood. He is more calm, steady, and happy, overall.

We spent time, money, and energy, but we are all a bit saner after these changes! Rocco is still a work in progress, but Kathy set the groundwork for a lasting change that made us and Rocco much happier. Thank you for all your help! We are deeply grateful.


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