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Kate and Pippin

I was planning to give up my rescued pit bull; I could no longer handle her and the aggression towards other dogs and cats. Kathy came to assess her for adoption purposes.

Reasons why Kathy became the trainer/teacher for my dog and me:

1. She immediately challenged my thinking with a question, “What makes you think anyone else will want to adopt your dog if you don’t want to keep her?” (I was asked to be responsible for my choices and vulnerable with my decisions.)

2. She obviously knew what and how to approach my dog with confidence and compassion for us both. She took my dog outside to test her with her three bully breed dogs. I was terrified. She invited me to do what was most comfortable for me; watch or not. (I was asked to let go of my fear, and challenge my ideas about my dog’s ability to be stable with the right leadership.)

3. She enabled my dog and I to have a stable relationship out in the world with other dogs and cats. We successfully completed a training program that gave us tools of behavior modification and responses to situations, NOT reactions. (I am asked every day to look at the things I have learned and how to maintain these tools and changes. How do I work with them to grow these tools and maintain stability. Another important lesson I learned from Kathy is to understand my dog’s/my own limitations. I need to respect those limitations and also challenge her/myself to break through the fear to make us stronger and more stable.

Today Pippin lives with two cats (unbelievable after she would attack every one she saw). She also lives in community with 3 Pit Bulls and a Rottweiler. This is a testament to a dog’s big success in overcoming insecurity. We were able to do this with the proper training, great compassion, and ongoing teaching from Kathy Kear. One thing you should know, YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK IN ORDER TO BE SUCCESSFUL. It is as much for you, if not more, than for your dog. Your dog NEEDS you! Know that your dog just wants to do right by you.


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