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Kathy and Maggie

Yesterday, 4/4, was Maggie’s final session, and I want to let you know how much I appreciate all you did for us. I wouldn’t have kept Maggie if it weren’t for Cause and Effect because I could not control her. I don’t know what her chances would have been if I returned her to the “pound”. She was so difficult at first that I actually didn’t like her, which is unusual for me. Now she’s part of the family, and I wouldn’t give her up. She still can be a handful, but she’s manageable.

I’m now comfortable walking her around other dogs, and I plan to take her to Pt. Isabel once a week, so she gets more practice walking around other dogs. I also plan to walk with Marc and Copper, who lives in my neighborhood and perhaps Cathy Keating and Leila. I like walking with Marc because we stay in a low dog traffic area, so not too many issues arise. The same would be true with Cathy. Pt. Isabel is another story, heavy dog traffic, but I’m comfortable enough now with Maggie to handle it (I think J).

I’d still like to be able to join in on Cause and Effect walks and group sessions, such as the confidence building session and urban pack walk I attended. I’ll look on Facebook for these events. Also, since I have every other Monday off, I’ll send an email to request accompanying you on your walking sessions. Maggie will always need practice walking with other dogs, so she and I stay comfortable with that.


I appreciate that you introduced Simon to our training sessions and encouraged me to take him on my regular walks with Maggie. It was getting to be a drag walking each one separately. You pointed out that I’ve learned enough dog handling techniques and training skills to be able to train Simon and take both of them and be able to control them on walks. Simon adapted to the prongs with plastic tips well, and the walks with him and Maggie have gone well. Maybe one day I can take them both to Pt. Isabel at the same time, but that’s a bit down the road. As you mentioned though, periodically I’ll walk them individually so I can work with each better.

And I know you thought I didn’t listen to you, or take your advice, or do what you told me, but I did –- about 90% of the time ;) and Maggie is much better for it.

We’ve still got work to do and we always will, but that’s the way it is with everything in life.

Both of you,

I want to let you know that I think of you as friends, not just my dog trainers, and I hope we stay in touch.

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