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Antonio and Darwin

I found out about Cause & Effect when I was looking for a way to help my two-year-old dog Darwin, who had a lot of fear and aggression towards other dogs, especially on leash. It was bad enough that I would plan a route on walks that avoided any dogs or houses that had dogs - just so Darwin wouldn't totally flip out. And these walks were extremely stressful.

I tried some training groups for "leash reactive" dogs, but the methods they advocated were based entirely around teaching your dog never to interact with any other dog. While this approach helped a little bit, it resulted in Darwin's world growing smaller and smaller. I hoped to find a way to help expand where he could go and what he could do instead of avoiding all the time.

When I met Kathy and Eleanor from Cause & Effect, the difference in their approach was immediately apparent. Rather than avoid the things that made Darwin nervous we would go directly into these tense situations in order to give Darwin a chance to succeed. They provided a lot of help and direction, and gave me the tools to help if he didn't. It certainly wasn't an instant change. But with work and the consistent support offered by Cause & Effect, Darwin was able to learn not only to be calm on walks, but also to be off-leash on trails and in dog parks. I would not have imagined doing this before I went through the program.

Darwin's world has expanded greatly, and walking with him is now a pleasure. He is much more confident, and I am a lot more confident walking him, knowing that he can interact in a positive way, and I have the tools to help him. If you will commit to helping your dog, then Cause & Effect will help make incredible changes.


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