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Chuck Morse and Che

I would give Kathy 500 stars if I could! She is incredible and has totally transformed my dog-owner experience!

The story: my (soon to be ex) wife and I own an Akita. Like a typical Akita, he is simultaneously dominant and insecure, traits that lead him to be aggressive to other dogs and people. Although he has never actually hurt anyone, he weighs in at 100 pounds and thus the thought of an attack is no joke.

After an initial consultation with Kathy, we purchased eight private lessons with her and began to see dramatic results in our relationship to our dog immediately after we started working with her. Now, after six months or so of training, he is a totally different dog and owning him is a totally different experience. The days of being terrified whenever we go on a walk seem like a distant memory.

I could write pages about Kathy's virtues, but I want people to read this, so I will be brief.

Here are the highlights:

~ Kathy loves dogs and is committed building healthy relationships between them and their owners. She conveys this enthusiasm in all of her instruction and her motivation is contagious.

~ She is an extremely good communicator and helped me understand not only how to treat our dog, but why a particular course of action is advisable.

~ She is supportive and tolerant. Kathy understands that working with your pet can be very emotional and is gentle. She never makes you feel badly if you forget something or get confused.

I could go on, but I'll leave it at that. Kathy is the best!


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