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Michael Morris and Boo

I adopted Boo at the age of 10 months from a local rescue organization. She came with a series of issues including resource guarding, aggression toward other dogs, and separation anxiety. After multiple unsuccessful attempts through the years with other trainers and group classes that relied on reward-based training, my dog walker recommended Kathy Kear.

At this point Boo was six and I committed to the process with skepticism believing you can't teach an old dog new tricks. However, soon after the sessions started I began to see a dramatic shift in her behavior. Through asserting a firm, but loving leadership role, I could see her looking to me for guidance, being far more relaxed around other dogs, and far more secure in general.

Kathy offers both psychological insight into the relationship between you and your dog as well as the technical skills to create lasting behavioral changes. The training is not easy and requires a full commitment on part of the owner with daily practice outside of the sessions and consistent leadership. The results parallel the amount of effort you put in.

After eight sessions with Kathy, my dog has excellent recall, can interact comfortably with other dogs, no longer guards food or toys, heels and goes down on command, and most importantly, seems like an overall happier dog. I'm very grateful to Kathy and would recommend her wholeheartedly.

Michael Morris

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