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Asha and Dante

I have two large dogs. Asha is a 96 pound Dane/Mastiff mix and Dante is a 55 pound pitbully boy. Kathy worked with us to develop a 12 week plan to address problem behaviors with both dogs. Our training took place in the varied settings of our lives - around the house, in our neighborhood, and at nearby dogparks.

We have had significant success with Kathy's help:

My dogs no longer pull on their leashes when we're on walks.

Both dogs sit and lie down when told.

They have learned not to grab food until they are given permission to "take it".

Asha and Dante wait for permission to go out doors and to cross street intersections.

My neighbors have commented on the positive behavior changes in both my dogs.

We used a humane mix of training with food rewards, sprenger-style collars and electric collars.

Kathy also worked extensively with me to make sure I understood how to give appropriate commands and guidance to the dogs.

The training process can be emotionally difficult for owners as well as dogs, and Kathy understands this and is very supportive throughout. Kathy has been very responsive in tailoring additional "refresher" training sessions after our original 12 week program was completed.

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