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Pit Bull 101

An All-American Dog
Breed Information and History

National Canine Research Council
is committed to preserving the human-canine bond. They publish, underwrite, and reprint accurate, documented, reliable research to promote a better understanding of our relationship with dogs.

The Pit Bull Placebo: The Media, Myths, and Politics of Canine Aggression
Download the complete text of The Pit Bull Placebo by Karen Delise

Breed Specific Legislation
What is BSL and why it doesn't work

Troublemakers. What pit bulls can teach us about profiling.
A New Yorker article by Malcolm Gladwell (author of "The Tipping Point", "Blink" and "Outliers") on stereotyping.

Find the Pit Bull
Breed misidentification is extremely common. Can you spot a pit bull? Test yourself!

Pit Bull Advocacy

I love Pit Bull breeds. I love them for many reasons: their tenaciousness, their exuberant joy in play and affection, their intense desire to please and work , and perhaps most of all-their vulnerability. They are simply the most abused and neglected dog in this country, used by ignorant people as a way to make themselves look more powerful.

These dogs only want connection with their owners and the ignorant prey on this trait. I believe in very strong animal abuse laws for dog fighting and any other forms of neglect or abuse. The Pit Bull breeds are begging for our protection and I will not rest until there is a deep shift in consciousness in our country - where these dogs no longer misused and abused.

The other aspect of Pit Bull protection that is vital to their cause is the mass prejudice that happens in the media and with the public. They are continually misrepresented in the news and in advertising. Every time there is a dog attack in the news - if it happens to be a Pit Bull type dog, the media races to the scene and makes it the top news of the day. This does not happen if the dog is any other breed - a Shepherd, a Lab, a Chow etc.

The media loves to sensationalize any attack involving this breed so that the myth perpetuates that this breed is more dangerous than others. I experience this again and again in my daily life when I walk my own Pit Bulls - the looks, the comments, the stares- for no reason other than the type of dog I guide and love.

I am here to educate anyone with an open mind about the joys of living and working with these magnificent dogs. And for those that remain closed, I am sorry that you remain in ignorance, may you one day explore with an open heart and mind.

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