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How to Not Greet a Dog

Dog's clearly communicate through their body language, learn how to read and understand them. When you do this, trust develops.

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Thank you Lili Chin for this wonderful illustration!

Training Tips for Students

Transformation with you and your dog is always happening. Every moment there is the opportunity for growth and guidance.

If your dog goes right back to you after being worked by me - and you give it affection- this shows me that there is weak leadership and too much affection. Less affection, Strong leadership, and praise when the dog is working for you- this is how we can shift a troubled dog.

Your dog easily takes control of the walk - First make him wait at the front door or Car door - then immediately put him in a down.

Your dog can be your teacher to bring you to the Present moment.

Establishing Leadership is about guiding our dogs to be followers - not in the sense of dominating them - but of relieving them of any responsibility to control their world. This makes for a happy and balanced dog.

A dog needs structure, but that does not mean do the same thing with him every day. Do the unexpected - walk a different route, feed at a different time, change direction suddenly - this keeps the dog alert! This builds you as his Center - he will want to stay in tune with you to find out what’s next!

There is never failure, just lessons and opportunity.

Attaching to the future outcome causes stress in the present moment. Thus, success = coming back to the present.

If I am present with my dog, there is Harmony. Disharmony = arguing with what is happening.

There are no bad dogs, just dogs that are looking for guidance.

"Why" is my dog aggressive is the question that has no end and no purpose. The dog is aggressive. This is a fact. The better question is "How can I guide my dog in this moment".

Your dog is living in the present moment. Watch her when she plays, when she is greeting you, when she is meeting another dog, when she is eating. The only moment that exists for her is Now.

"Will my dog always be aggressive?" This question brings you stress. Stay here in this moment, and guide your dog. He will show you the way.

Training your dog is a way of life. It is not just about the down stay. It is about being Centered, being in the Present Moment, and being in tune with your dog.

When your dog is not responding or is aggressive, this is exciting! Because this is the opportunity to show him the way!

Breathe, Slow down, and Slow down, and Slow down.


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