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Dog Training Tips

"A dog needs structure, but that does not mean do the same thing with him every day. Do the unexpected - walk a different route, feed at a different time, change direction suddenly - this keeps the dog alert!

This builds you as his Center - he will want to stay in tune with you to find out what’s next!"

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Training Programs


The phone consultation will establish safety measures to mitigate further aggression or reactivity, and structure, to reduce anxiety, and protocols to reinforce trust and respect between you and your dog. A scheduled, mindful phone consultation provides the time to build on prior ad hoc feedback. And it has proved invaluable to out-of-area and traveling clients who are unavailable to meet in person.

The in-person consultation is an in-depth discussion of Cause and Effect methodology and philosophy and your specific training needs and goals. It includes a behavioral assessment, including a dog-to-dog assessment if pertinent to the training needs of your dog. It will be an in-depth snapshot of the skills I will teach you during our time together. The consultation is a lively, engaged session where the owner often comes away from it with new knowledge about the dog’s personality, drives, and needs.

Training Packages

Basic Package Outline - Based on the consultation with you and your dog, I will recommend the type and number of packages that best fit your particular training needs. How quickly your dog moves thru this basic outline depends on the nature of your dog, what he brings to the initial lesson, and the amount of work the owner and dog accomplish between sessions. Each package includes a weekly check-in by email or phone. You will also have access to small group clinics after completing Package 1.

Package 1, Sessions 1-3
•Basic in-home structure, foundational obedience.

Package 2, Sessions 4-6
Continuation of foundational obedience, on leash greetings. Trouble shoot in-home behaviors. Targeting behaviors for aggression, anxiety and/or, insecurity thru behavior modification

Package 3, Sessions 7-9
Continuation of behavior modification for aggression, anxiety and/or insecurity. Off leash skills, building strong recall, build impulse control around other dogs. Guide appropriate behavior around play. Requires an e-collar.

Fundamental Focus Obedience
This program focuses on Wait, Down-Stay, Heel, Come, No, Relax and Focus.

We build reliability and calm in the home, on walks, and in parks. We start with a 6-foot lead and move to a 20-foot long line, and when necessary, adding the electronic collar as a valuable communication tool. This program focuses on Wait, Down-Stay, Heel, Loose-leash walking, Come, No, Relax and Focus and potentially moving to Long-line distance commands.

Behavior Modification for Aggression and Reactivity
My approach utilizes comprehensive Fundamental Focus obedience commands, in-home rules, and structure; then moves into thoughtful reinforcement and correction. All sessions target behavioral issues through desensitizing, building impulse control, confidence building, motivation, as well as consequence and reward. For aggression and reactivity, I most often recommend a minimum of two packages.

Separation and Anxiety Program
It is challenging and stressful to live with an anxious dog. We work extensively with general and separation anxiety. We employ the tools of structure, obedience, and confidence building exercises and correction. We work predominately in your home, or in your office (if your dog goes to work with you), and other locations where anxiety can surface. A minimum of 1 package is required.

Trainer Sessions
These are focused 1:1 sessions with the dog and trainer. We recommend them for a variety of reasons: to establish enduring trust with a fearful dog, to refine or strengthen an area of training where the dog is showing resistance or uncertainty, and to troubleshoot an area of weakness or "stuckness."

Puppy Training
We work in your home, neighborhood and the local parks. The program features my in-home protocol to guide your young dog toward calm behavior in the home. We cover housebreaking, crate training, meeting guests, and preventive protocols to avoid and eliminate separation anxiety. We do engagement and confidence building exercises. We train you on proper and supportive socialization tools, the use of luring and naming commands. We go on successful outings and raise your dog's street smarts. Our focus is building a confident, sound dog and a happy, well-adjusted family member.

We will guide you on what it means to be your puppy’s fair and thoughtful leader, so he looks to you when unsure, adheres to life-saving commands and learns his proper place as a happy follower rather than a burdened leader.

For dogs aged two to six months, and depending on your training needs, I recommend one or two packages.

For dogs aged six to ten months, I blend features of the Puppy Program and the Fundamental Focus obedience program.

Adoption Training and Support

Adopting a dog is a big commitment. I’m here to help. I work with you to find the right dog for you and your family. I have years and years of experience working with family dogs who have developed a serious behavioral issues like anxiety and aggression. Hiring a seasoned dog trainer for pre adoption support program is one of the strongest deterrents for having to face these problems down the road. I use an intuitive and science-based approach to finding just the right dog for your lifestyle, emotional needs, schedule and personality.


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