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Kathy's Family

Benjamin is 2nd in command. He is my right hand man. He is the alpha male in this pack, and the girls respect and adore him. Benjamin was out of balance when I rescued him in 2001 - neglected, abused, and under socialized. With careful and attentive guidance, he became the dog he is today - loving, devoted and reliable and steadfast. He is my greatest teacher. He has taught me many spiritual lessons and shown me what courage and forgiveness is. I am blessed to be his leader.

Lucille came to me in 2004. She had spent many many months at the city shelter, shut down and nervous. She was not recovering out of this state and went on the euthanasia list. I saw her, fell in love and began to foster her. She is the most complex dog I have ever owned - emotional, sensitive and insecure. My work with her will be a life long journey and I am committed to her always. She has taught me many things - first and foremost, acceptance of what is. When I accept the present, life can open up in ways I cannot perceive in my own limited mind.

Madeline is my 3rd child (yes, they are like children to me. Chiidren that all need strong guidance). She came to me from the city shelter in 2007, due to be euthanized because she was showing kennel stress and aggression. She had been dumped with a note - after 6 years her family was giving her up but they professed she was such a good dog. And she is! She just was scared and overwhelmed by her family's abandonement. Now she has another family - with me, Benjamin and Lucille, and she fits perfectly. She is my Zen girl: calm, dignified, and stubborn to the bone! She teaches me patience, humiity and to not be attached to an outcome!

I met Abbey years ago. She had been in a hoarding rescue home for years with her best buddy, Sonny. I would walk them as often as I could because I felt so bad that they lived in isolation in a room and a back yard. The foster woman had good intentions but she choose quantity of animals rescued over quality of life - and the animals suffered. Fast forward to 2010, and I was able to rescue 3 of the dogs out of this house and Abbey was one of them. She was only supposed to be my foster dog...yeh right! This girl is my girl and she is not going anywhere! She is a pure delight - I call her my little Elf. She is a Bull Terrier mix and she is completely deaf. She has taught me so much already. She has helped me understand how to best support a shy insecure dog. She has given me much insight so that I can help other dogs like her with my training clients. She loves rope pulling, carrying big sticks, and her butt scratched!

Patrick came to the Kear pack as an emergency foster in April 2012 and has never left. He has found his forever family with us. He is a one year old Boxer/Pit mix who also happens to be deaf. He has a facial deformity due to a massive dog bite to his skull as a puppy. But meeting Patrick, one would never know the hard beginning he had. He is a happy go lucky , outgoing , and lovable boy that has a true zest for life. He teaches me that living in the present is the true way to Freedom and Joy.

I love you Benjamin, Lucille, Madeline, Abbey and Patrick. Thank you for teaching me how to be your leader. I am honored.

Kathy Kear

I first fell in love with dogs when I was 10 years old, and we got our first family pet, a Collie named Shep. He was my closest friend when I was a young girl. I would take him on long walks, telling him my worries and fears. He was my confidant, and I knew he loved me unconditionally.

I have worked around dogs since I was 21 years old, starting at the Oakland and San Francisco SPCAs. I was immediately drawn to dog rescue. After working in a vet hospital, I soon started my own dog walking business, Happy Hound Pet Care. I have been walking dogs in the East Bay for 17 years and continue to love the daily pack walks.

In 2001, I began a life transforming relationship with my dog Benjamin. (You can read his whole story in “The Benjamin Story.”) Grappling with Benjamin's intense aggression, I sought out and found my teacher, Alon Geva, a preeminent Bay Area dog trainer. I worked with Alon for many months, learning how to establish Centered Leadership with Benjamin.

It was an extraordinary time for me. Alon's natural, intuitive communication with dogs inspired me to guide Benjamin to become a balanced and trusting dog. What was most amazing though was how, using dog training as a vehicle, Alon showed me how to open up my heart and soul to a deepening spiritual journey, on which I remain to this day.

Alon's teachings inspired me so much that I felt compelled to become his apprentice. For one year, I studied under Alon and Yigal Lenman, his protege. I feel honored to continue their legacy in the Bay area, teaching people how to guide their dogs through Calm Centered Leadership. Through this process, my clients develop not only balanced relationships with their dogs, but also gain a deeper understanding of themselves, ultimately allowing them to be available and present with all of Life.





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