Hardass with an ever softening heart

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 I’ve become a hard ass in many ways in my approach to working with people. I’ve been doing this almost 20 years, and my behavior and belief  system, many years ago working with my own trainer/teacher are exactly the same that I see in most of my clients.
I  can pretty much end my clients sentences because I know what they’re going to say -when it comes to why they can’t do it, why it isn’t working, why it’s so hard… Because I used to say the very same things to Alon!

I  can walk into a house with a troubled dog and owner  and see everything crystal-clear without the client telling me much at all.  I see the hindrances. and I see the potential solutions. The last few years I’ve become really straightforward .  I do this because I’m here in the bay area for a limited time now and I honestly just want to cut through the crap  of our own self-imposed prisons and to help people see the larger vision that can lead to so much miraculous change 🙏

BUT  I have been thinking the last several days  ( and want this expressed here) -I have often have no idea what is going on in someone’s heart and life.   I have no idea that maybe they lost their best friend. Maybe they lost their job. Maybe they found out their husband is leaving them. Maybe I need to lay off in my judgment and teaching when they’re showing resistance. Maybe I need to stop being a hard ass for a moment and just be quiet and listen.

Just because I’m a hard ass, doesn’t mean that I should not pause and remind myself that someone could be having a very hard day or a very hard moment in their lives and to keep my heart wide open.  Sometimes being the “expert”  means lovingly and compassionately accepting the student, without needing to teach her anything in that moment❤

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