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Cause and Effect Dog Trainingis returning to the SF Bay Area and will begin serving Piedmont, Oakland, and surrounding areas, starting August 2019!

Kathy has been working with dogs for 20 years. She found this passion while working with the most vulnerable dogs in San Francisco Bay Area shelters. Kathy became committed to learning how to rehabilitate these type of dogs so that they could become happy, stable and balanced members of their family.

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Training Programs Offered

Kathy’s programs are here to support you and your dog throughout our in-depth therapeutic process so that you can be your dog's Calm Centered Leader and he can be free of anxiety and be your best friend at your side.


Consultation and Assessment


Fundamental Focus Obedience Program


Behavior Modification Program


Puppy Program


Training Walks

Cause and Effect Wins Award

Berkeley,CA - August 25, 2017 — Cause & Effect Dog Training has been selected for the 2017 Berkeley Small Business Excellence Award in the Pet Training classification.

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FREE Dog Training Tips

Establishing Leadership is about guiding our dogs to be followers - not in the sense of dominating them - but of relieving them of any responsibility to control their world.  This makes for a happy and balanced dog.

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